Tudlo guest at Vigattin Radio

The via phone patch is Vince Loremia of, a disaster preparedness application. He explains that tudlo is a Visayan word which means to teach, to guide, to point. Tudlo as an application is designed for people to cope with disasters and unexpected life events and emergencies floods, typhoons and earthquakes. Vince Loremia came up with the idea when he was in Manila during heavy flooding and thought that during disasters, information like maps and advisories were very important to individuals.
The application has been developed for Android, iphone and the web, and allows th user to see updates of events and see reports from the government, the police, the Red Cross, as well as provides emergency numbers and safety guides. Tudlo has made social impact and in the future hopes to be brought nationwide with government support working on the basis crowdsourcing for disaster and preparedness. It has maps, event description, among others and aims to be a localized and contextual service as it uses the local language.


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